2023: Winspirers


Our Women Inspirers

Savita Dakle, a dedicated farmer hailing from Pendagaon village, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. A determined and resilient individual, has emerged as a successful farmer and advocate for women farmers in rural India. Through her Facebook community, Savita has united over a million women farmers from across India, empowering them with knowledge and support.

Dr. Sneha Kulkarni holds the rank of Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force & served as an Army Pilot. Contributed significantly to the field of aviation by breaking gender barriers since she was commissioned into the IAF in 2007. Demonstrated exceptional flying skills and precision in aerobatic maneuvers

Dr. Minal Joshi, an esteemed psychologist, originates from Mumbai. She obtained her doctorate in social science and Master’s in Philosophy from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Since June 2013, she has been practicing independently in Mumbai. Throughout her career, she has served as a consultant and visiting psychologist at multiple institutes and hospitals, including her role as a Clinical Psychologist at King Edward Memorial (K.E.M.) Hospital. Dr. Joshi’s notable contributions in the field of Autism have garnered widespread recognition, with her research being published in esteemed journals.¬†

Mrs. Mugdha Belwalkar a Microbiologist from Mumbai. She completed her bachelors and masters in microbiology and currently pursuing Phd in microbiology from Ruia college. she is awardee of india bioscience grant which is great initiative that is Aamchi prayogshala a science outreach program in rural area school students  in which a small team visit rural schools and educate different practical experiments in science to those students which make them exciting and amazing. And thrice she is being invited as a judge for the IGem competition which is held in boston, US.

Manisha Ramkishan Giri is a dedicated English teacher at Nutan Marathi School No.5 in Rahuri, Maharashtra. With her expertise in ICT tools and e-learning platforms, she has successfully trained over 80 women during challenging lockdown periods. Her innovative approach, including her website, YouTube channel, android apps, and QR codes, has resulted in student social participation. Recognized as a Super 30 teacher and a recipient of the national ICT award, Manisha’s contributions to women’s empowerment and digital education make her a true trailblazer in the field.

Shivganga Udhan (Gavhane) is an Assistant Professor specializing in Computer Engineering at Dr D Y Patil Institute of Engineering, Management and Research. With a strong background in Data Science, Machine Learning, and various computer-related subjects, she has amassed over 13 years of teaching experience in engineering. Holding an impressive portfolio of 19 research papers and a patent, Shivganga has demonstrated her expertise and commitment to advancing knowledge in her field. Overcoming personal challenges during her academic journey, she developed a passion for mathematics, ultimately leading her to excel in machine learning and AI.

Dr. Sandhya Sree Kumar, an Assistant Professor at MIT-WPU in Pune, holds a PhD in Public Administration specialising in Water and Sanitation services. Originally from Kerala but raised in Ahmedabad, she is dedicated to promoting women’s hygiene and awareness. Inspired by personal experiences, she focuses on improving the ergonomics of public toilets in India and studying the behaviour of school-going girls. In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr. Kumar has practised Taekwondo, and finds joy in solo travel, trekking, and observing human behaviour. Her love for anime, Middle Eastern literature, and poetry fuels her creative and intellectual interests.

Dr. Supriya Poduval Pal is an Assistant Professor at the School of Liberal Studies, PDPU, Gandhinagar. With an MBA in Human Resource Management, she is a dedicated academic with a passion for research. Her diverse background as a Kerala native married to a Bengali reflects her rich cultural experiences. Recognized for her expertise in gender equality, work-life balance, and sustainability, she was awarded the International Research Excellence Award from “Society of Environment and Sustainable development, New Delhi. Dr. Pal’s commitment extends beyond academia as she actively addresses employability issues for transgender individuals, promotes women’s health and hygiene, and contributes to a startup providing solar-powered vehicles for the disabled.

Dr. Zehra Husain is an accomplished neurosurgeon with expertise in complex brain and spine surgeries. With over two decades of experience, she has made significant contributions to the field of neurosurgery through her clinical practice, research, and teaching. Driven by a commitment to compassionate patient care, she has successfully treated a diverse range of neurological conditions in both adult and pediatric patients. Her extensive training and fellowships in renowned medical institutions in Germany and Switzerland have honed her skills in skull base surgery. Dr. Husain’s dedication to advancing the field is evident through her active involvement in academic meetings, research, and teaching activities.

Valetina Grieco, MAIRE Group CSR Senior Specialist, travelled all the way from Milan, Italy to engage with WiSE girls in person. She studied political science at Sapienza Universita di Roma with Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree. She has further been trained in the Management of International Projects and Sustainability Studies. Valentina is passionate about Indian and Italian culture. She is outspoken proponent of contributing to the communities where Tecnimont operates.

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