Women In Science, Engineering
from Rural parts of India

Our goal is to reach out to the girl students from rural parts of India.

Science and Engineering disciplines are the most male-dominant fields. We wish to break this barrier with the introduction of WiSE.

By offering long term mentorship, we want girls to pursue education and career in STEM.

With the involvement of parents and teacher, we wish to make a positive impact on the girls from rural areas.

Enabling science and math teachers' involvement from rural parts of India in this program.

We are training the teachers to effectively encourage the young girls to make career choices in STEM.

Investing in the future of India.
WiSE's main goal is to educate and empower the girls from an early stage. With continuous mentoring by IIT-B students, we encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.
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A Glimpse into
WiSE 2023
Activities for WiSE 2024
We conduct multiple interesting and engaging activities, empowering the learning of students.